I believe in miracles

Molly - Rochester, Minnesota
Entered on June 2, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, purpose

Many say they’ve witnessed miracles, but I am one. I had an easy childhood and was loved unconditionally. Things changed for me my eighth grade year, depression, along with some very difficult experiences changed my life. That winter I lost my best friend to suicide. My friends passing away shook my happy faith and with it, my life. That June my uncle died of a sudden brain aneurism, he was hit in the head with a baseball.

I was struggling, and I continued to suffer. My depression ran deeper and deeper. Things got worse for me towards the end of the summer. I had a problem with an older boy, a boy I trusted. I did not report the incidents… to anybody. It was months before I told anyone.

I got help and was attending counseling. I had found a new boyfriend and was truly happy, yes I stumbled from time to time but I was doing better, or so I thought. Not until junior year did my depression sneak up on me again. Fall of my junior year my boyfriend, who was my rock, told me he didn’t know if he wanted to date me any longer, no explanation. He never broke it off with me, just left it at “he didn’t know”. That November, someone put a picture of a girl in my class in the athletic office. She was drinking. She was the start athlete of the soccer team, and my exboyfriends new interest. Very quickly my grade turned against me. This would be hard for any high school girl, but with my depression, it was nearly deadly. My junior year only got worse, I lost friends and became completely out of touch. On Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 I decided to take my own life, however god had other plans. I decided I was going to run my car into a utility pole, I don’t remember much after except waking up inside the cab of my truck, but inside a woman’s house. He saved my life, and with that sent me a message that I was loved and needed by this world. There is so many reasons I know this to be true. I should not have lived through that accident, police and doctors didn’t understand how it was possible. Secondly, I went through an exterior wall, and two or three interior walls. I missed the light pole and the support beam. Somehow when I traveled through the walls, the space where God held me was spared. There was one small hole in the window of my truck, where my head went through. When my parents were cleaning out my truck, they found a broken cross sitting on the seat. They believe it fell through as I entered the house. To me it’s a sign from God. I was hospitalized for a long time. While I was in the hospital my parents brought me Chinese food. I opened my fortune and read “Someone is looking out for you”. To you this may be silly, but for me it is truly a phenomenon. And that is why I believe in miracles.